"Two tracks by the Puke Eaters, the A side was originally conceived as a
theme for an album dealing with Deihoma, the man who wandered inside
"the Worm that ate the world" in order to slay it. Strictly Steen &
Rusty, as inept as ever. B side has Rusty involved in the act of
synthesizer desecration with some nameless slave. Steen Guru vocals
were added later via the method of overdubbing."
- Ralf Normaali

"May I start with Side B, govenah? You see, I prefer the flip ever so
much... being stacked with sadistic sounds as it is... And methinks I
feel me bladder turning to mush, me eyes goin' all a-flutter, me bowels
turnin' ta cold puddin'; something went drastically wrong on the way to
the pressing plant on this one. Burial Hex, you might just have to do
something EXTREME soon to top this, because Puke Eaters just vomited a
fat loaf of logic onto 'dat azz. It's like dub got satanic and spare
and bass-bitten; I could easily become obsessed with the zany bass-
bass-BOOM of this track, and probably already have. Side A? It's a
stone-cold day at the cannery, by god... A blacksmith is pounding out
some metal, and I'm supposed to enjoy it as music. I'll be damned if I
don't cozy right up next to it, too. This is a sure sign I'll never
have dinner parties at my place (or if I do, my records won't be
invited). About as good as psych-/improv-/freak-/noise-mulch getsÉ"
- Gumshoe / Tiny Mix Tapes